Sea Otter Classic, Monterey, CA 2008

I am so excited for the Sea Otter I can’t sleep. The racing is one thing but the event as a whole is awesome… What do you want to see? I am getting my new camera charger this week so I will be downloading photos, etc. daily and I am taking request.

Last year I pulled my hamstring on Day 1 as I tried to keep up with Brandon Groza (The lumberjack powered Oregonian) while he destroyed the competition in the short track competition to take first and I finished 10th.

Day 2 I laid in bed until the rain stopped around 12pm went to pre-ride the XC course only to find my leg hurting more so I went back to the festival to watch dirt jumpers huck themselves silly and perv on all the cool gear companies brought (i.e. the Look Carbon Hardtail, multiple titanium bikes from builders I never heard of, and a 9lb road bike from Stork (or Storck, whatever I would just break it).

Day 3 I raced the XC after about ten morning visits to the plastic porto pots, which on the last day smell like they are on their last days, only to finish mid pack in a group of 110+ riders. It was painful and I had no clue there could be grid lock traffic in an XC race.

But, with all this said I can’t wait to go back!

Until we meet again Otter!

Boonen wins Paris-Roubaix

Boonen wins Paris-Roubaix
By John Wilcockson
Posted April 13, 2008

The nasty rain didn’t show up for the 106th Paris-Roubaix, but a superb Tom Boonen sure did. On a Sunday of cool sunshine and favorable winds, the Quick Step team leader took his second Roubaix victory, three years after the first, with an unstoppable sprint over his final breakaway companions Fabian Cancellara (CSC) and Alessandro Ballan (Lampre).

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Andy B

Malibu Creek Trail Run

Realized I never updated the blog with results from my trail race last week. First off let me say that Pacific Coast Trail Runs put on a great event. I want to race with them again. The vibe was not competitive but yet professional and organized all wrapped with super friendly people. I did the wussiest of the wuss events with the 9k. Other events were the 25k and 50k. The biggest studs out there were the 50 year old ultra marathon dudes.

Ended up having a solid race. 5th overall and 2nd in my age group. After peeing on course and getting lost I figure I ended up losing around a minute. 2 of the guys that finished in front of my cut the course by approximately 2 – 3 minutes when they got lost. The guy behind me yelled at me to tell me to turn around from going the wrong way. We ran the last mile together and I asked him to finish in front of me for helping out. Who knows, maybe I could have done better on a perfect day. The course was beautiful with nice climbs and fast single track. Running there on a regular basis would be spectacular.

To see results go to:

Raced my Newtons for the first time and have fallen in love with them. I’m a Newton Running shoe evangelist.

I’m hoping to have some time to run the Devil’s Backbone in Loveland, CO on Tuesday night. I wonder if I take enough IB Profren if I can trick my heel into not hurting. Newtons are in the suitcase.

Andy B

Weekend training wrap-up

Major time on the bike this weekend.

Saturday - 56 miles, 3 hours and 20 minutes (Tons of hills and climbing)
Sunday - 40 miles, 2 hours and 10 minutes (Fairly flat, fast pace)

Left for both at 6am. Naps during both afternoons :)

After the ride today I transitioned right to the run. Turns out that my bruised heel is not wanting me to put any pressure on it. UGHHH. No running for me since last Sunday which is all compiling into the training funk I’m in.

1. Work is busy plus extra projects outside of work.
2. Family is more important than training.
3. My heel is killing me.
4. Still tired from Oceanside.
5. Concerned how my conditioning will be at Wildflower.
6. Traveling for work most of this week to CO.

Luckily I was able to train with my friend Derek for both rides this weekend. That was a nice departure for the ritual of solo bike/runs.

Going from Oceanside to Wildflower was a bigger deal than I imagined. I’ll never make a mistake like that again. I need much more time in between significant races. But, trying to keep it all in perspective and realize how blessed I am to be outside and have a family committed to being healthy.

Good times.

Andy B

4 articles and 1 video

Astana’s Johan Bruyneel against barring defending champ from Tour de France
By Associated Press

PARIS — Alberto Contador’s exclusion from the Tour de France could backfire on race organizers because it will deprive crowds of a star, according to Astana team director Johan Bruyneel.

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A day in life of Ryan, the team mechanic
By Rebecca Rusch

Professional endurance competitor Rebecca Rusch has tackled her fair share of adventure races and 24-Hour mountain bike races throughout the years. Now, the Idahoan is in South Africa competing in the Absa Cape Epic, a nine-day endurance mountain bike stage race across the country’s scenic Western Cape. And we’re along for the ride.

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Dirty Words with Adam Craig
By Adam Craig

American cross-country mountain bike racer Adam Craig has his sights set on the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. That means for the next few months he will be battling it out on the World Cup and National Mountain Bike Series with his fellow Americans for a slot on the U.S. team. In between races, Craig skis, kayaks and is the rally car co-driver for his Giant teammate Carl Decker. is along for the ride.

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Despite rocky road, Hamilton enjoys the ride
By Neal Rogers

Tyler Hamilton is looking at the glass half full. After the Rock Racing team captain was prohibited from racing at the Amgen Tour of California and his team was not invited to this month’s Tour de Georgia, it would be understandable for Hamilton to be discouraged following Rock’s devastating loss of the race lead by one second in the final stage criterium of the San Dimas Stage Race on Sunday.

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Olympic flame arrives in UK
BBC News

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Andy B

Pictures from the Ironman 70.3

The thought of doing a full race write up is about as daunting as doing the race again. In summary, the day was incredible, swim was fantastic, bike was good and run felt excellent. Breaking 6 hours is a huge personal victory for me.

Final time: 5 hours, 57 minutes and 23 seconds

Click here to enjoy some race day pictures.

I would like to thank Julie, Carter, Alison, Alex, Susan, Randy, Bryan, Katie and Dave for their support. Without their encouragement the day of and hours before the race I couldn’t have done it.

I also want to thank my Master swim peeps. Mike, Adam, Blaine and Rick. You guys helped me more than you know. Blaine and his wife also killed it at the race that day. That family is amazing.

Lastly I want to thank my coach Felipe from Break-away Training. In the last 8 weeks Felipe has changed the way I look at training and allowed me to have personal accomplishments I could have never dreamed of. Structured training plans are amazing! As Felipe passed me on course he yelled out “YEAAAA ANDYYYYYYY!” I was so siked!

Wildflower Long Course in 3 weeks…

Andy B