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Steve Klassen is Still shredding but now with his daughther

As a young snowboarder, Steve Klassen was the man. He rode big mountains, his shop WaveRave in Mammoth was the biggest and best and he always made snowboarding look fun. Now that’s he is a father, he’s making snowboarding fun but in an entirely different way.

My first reaction to the video was, this is SO DANGEROUS! But as I processed, my reaction changed. The first 3 seconds of the video really explain the impact he’s made on his daughter. She loves snowboarding, she is living life in the mountains and spending non-stop time with her dad. Feels like it’s working out pretty well.

Steve Klassen Shreds with his Three Year Old Daughter in this Ridiculous Edit
By Heather Hendricks
May 18, 2015

Steve Klassen, former pro and owner of Wave Rave Snowboard Shop in Mammoth, just dropped this tandem snowboarding edit with his three year old daughter, Kinsley. The duo shreds Mammoth Mountain together, and busts out a bunch of tricks like a front board on a down rail and a frontside rodeo 540 with what appears to be his daughter in his arms, generating a solid amount of mainstream media hype from outlets including Fox News, The Daily Mail, and Huffington Post.

To get the scoop on what was really going on, we reached out to Steve for insight into the editing, and his thoughts on all the hype.

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