2010 Specialized Mountain Bikes

I have been dying to see what the final layout is going to be on my new Specialized S-Works Tricross cyclocross bike. I know we are just days away from seeing the final product but I have been doing daily searches to find it online. The results are all the same, NO Tricross pics yet but there are a lot of good views of their new road, mountain, and commuter bike range (Globe) on the net. Check out the globe to see the ultimate range of two wheel aesthetics with function.globebike09

However, if you want to see the best view of the ultra sexy 2010 Specialized Mountain Bike Range take a look at the2010 Specialized Mountain Bike Kit, thanks to the good people at www.singletrackworld.com.

The 2010 S-Works Stumpjumper Carbon Hardtail

To go directly to the 2010 Specialized Mountain Bike Kit

I need it all now!

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