Update on Julie’s 2009 race schedule

2009 is the comeback year for Julia Brazelton. I’ve never seen her more focused on her training goals. Right now it’s 18 degrees and she’s on an 8 mile trail run with her running club. Within the last 2 week’s we’ve updated and expanded her 2009 schedule.

The champ!

Sharin’ O The Green 5K – March 14, 2009

Horsetooth Half Marathon – April 19, 2009

Orange County Half Marathon – May 3, 2009

Bolder to Bolder 10k – May 25, 2009

Loveland Lake to Lake Triathlon (Olympic Distance) – June 20, 2009

Fort Collins Triathlon – September 2009

2 other races she’s considering, I would like to see her do them but she’s not sure yet.

Boulder Peak Triathlon (Olympic Distance) – July 12, 2009

Orange County Triathlon (Olympic Distance) – September 27, 2009

The boys and I will be attending all of these events and plan on taking lot’s of video and photos. We love cheering her on!

Andy B and his 2 little boys

Have you registered for the 50 Mile Ride yet?

50 Mile Ride III
Saturday March 21, 2009
More info at: www.50mileride.com
Supporting: www.projectrwanda.org
Where: Staging and post-ride party at Cook’s Corner
19152 Santiago Canyon Road Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679

If you live in Orange County please get involved with this event. 99% of the proceeds go to support ProjectRwanda.org. We’ve raised over $70,000 the last 2 years and need to keep the support coming. Every penny you can help us raise helps. Join 300 other riders on one of the sweetest rides in the OC.

I’m flying in from CO to ride! Watch out, I’ll be the fat dude on the borrowed bike with the sweet OutsideAllDay.com kit on.

Andy B

Fluid Recovery Drink Reviewed by Cyclocross Magazine

Cyclocross Magazine, the nation’s leading print and online news source for the sport of cyclocross, recently conducted a product review on Fluid Recovery drink.

Here is a snippet of what they had to say about Fluid Recovery Drink:

“In terms of recovery, Fluid has many key nutrients that will help Cyclocross racers of all levels return quickly to their best. As always, taste is one of the largest factors in selecting nutrition products, and for me, this product is a hit. Those of you who may have grown up before sugar and sweets had permeated the food industry may not enjoy the sweet taste of Fluid’s Tropical Escape offering, but there is also the Berry Treasure option for you to try, which was our other testers’ preferred choice.”

For the full article, make sure to check out Cyclocross Mag’s website.

OC Chili Winter Trail Run Series: Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time – Set your clock ahead!

The OC Chili Winter Trail Run Series 2nd run takes place this Sunday, March 8 at O’Neill Park. For those of you that are registered, please remember to set your clock ahead! For those of you who have not registered, there is still time to register and get a good run in on Sunday morning.

Online registration is available until Saturday at 12:30 pm.
Register here
Day of registration begins at 7:30 am

The trails are currently open and there is no expected rain so it looks like we’re on the trails this time.

Training in Motion

With the OC Trail Run Series this Sunday and XTERRA REAL 25 days away I am tuning the training. This morning began early with a ride from Malaga Cove along Palos Verdes Drive towards Trump National Golf Course and up the switchbacks past Marymount College and back around to the ocean. 21 miles. It was an amazing road ride with Todd with Joe Bark Paddleboards. He and I were enjoying the climb pretending we were racing in Europe when a light rain began to fall. As we descended out of Rolling Hills it was a full on downpour. We laughed throughout the entire rainfall and put it on the list of more memorable rides.

On the way to a morning meeting I brought my Specialed Epic into Rock N Road Cyclery in Laguna Niguel. Those guys rock. I was having small delays in my rear derailuer and they fixed those up in less than five minutes and I was off. Many thanks to Victor.

D. Sheek and I hope to see you this Sunday at O’Neill Park.

Matt S.
Outside All Day

EC Surfboards Shaping the Economy Fun

With the concerns in the media about the United States economy, it seems people are trying to spend their money and play close to home. This is keeping EC busy as he has been shaping some serious works of art.

Boards of the Month:
Model– Pistelero

–The Mod Sleds

–Super Sled

EC has some sick sleds but these are making me thirst for a new shredder…
Check out his site for a full list of his models and some of the custom work that has been done or submitted in art shows, http://www.ecsurfboards.com/.

And, when you call him for your new toy tell him you heard it hear, outsideallday, and we will make sure he gives you 10% off your order, or I will give him double flats in his tires next time we get out on the trails.

Where is my mod sled?

“better way to start the season…”


MOTOR TABS sports drink launches season with consumer starter kit

COSTA MESA, Cal.(March 2, 2009) There’s no better way to start the season than with a new Specialized water bottle and samples of all four flavors of the portable, lower sugar MOTOR TABS Fluid Replacement System, the official sports drink of Ironman Triathlon World Champion Michellie Jones and Kenda Pro Cycling. MOTOR TABS� Starter Kit (suggested $6.99) is available at bicycle, running, multi-sport and sport specialty retailers nationwide, including Sport Chalet�s 55 stores throughout California, Arizona and Nevada, which feature top brands within each sports category.

Utilizing a patented, effervescent delivery system, the easily portable tablets are individually wrapped in water-and-air-tight foil packages protecting them from sweat, dirt and other harmful elements. Drop one into 16 to 20 ounces of water, allow it to dissolve for just a few minutes at room temperature, and MOTOR TABS is ready to drink with no residual settling.

Available in Fruit Punch, Lemon-Lime, Orange, and Grape, MOTOR TABS is lower in calories and sugar than many powdered or ready-to-drink sports beverages, easier on the stomach and designed to hydrate and re-hydrate during sports, fitness activity, the work day, and whenever supplemental electrolytes are needed. Each tablet contains an optimal ratio of sodium-to-potassium and an optimal carbohydrate energy blend of dextrose, sucrose and maltodextrin � 250mg sodium, 75mg of potassium, 16g carbohydrate and 65 calories. MOTOR TABS does not contain aspartame, sucralose, acesulphame potassium or high fructose corn syrup.

The brand supports pro and elite amateur triathletes and cycling teams, including Michellie Jones, who won the 2006 Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Hawaii�s punishing climate drinking MOTOR TABS, Chris Foster, Kenda Pro Cycling presented by Spinergy, Vanderkitten Racing, Evomo, and SoCalcycling.com.

Sports Engine LLC, parent company of MOTOR TABS, is a sports nutrition enterprise dedicated to developing nutritional products that help elite athletes, recreational athletes, weekend warriors, and casual exercisers perform at their best and ultimately have more fun on their chosen field of play. MOTOR TABS is currently available in nine countries outside of the U.S., including Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. Learn more about the company and MOTOR TABS at www.motortabs.com.

Kenda Cup West Race Report — Bonelli Park, CA

It was the first weekend of the 2009 Kenda Cup West, a new product of Mountain Bike Racing in the United States. The event was awesome, reminding me of a smaller Sea Otter race as sponsors and vendors came out to kick off the beginning of what is going to be a highly competitive and exciting season.

We all need to thank Scott Tedro,owner of the Sho-Air Team, Racer, Father, and Creator of the US Cup, for the rebirth of American MTB!

Read the full race report and take a look at the pics:
“I was impressed not only with Sid Taberlay’s (Team Sho-air) Wheelie but also the dominant power on his way to winning the first race of the season.

To find out more about the series go to: www.mtb-uscup.com

The next race will be March 28-29 in Fontana, CA

If you are interested, look at the picture on the last page of the race report, and focus on the In and Out truck logo, once you see it look down at the racers for my white white helmet & Outsideallday jersey and you will notice me with my finger in my nose. Yes, I am proud of my prerace noce digging. :)