Silverstar Liars and Pass Pulling

They claimed a 127cm base (50’’)….and as my ski bases will tell you, “NOT A CHANCE!” Rocks everywhere, grass and other shrubbery poking up all over the place.

The irony is that the runs with good coverage and fun terrain were all CLOSED! In fact there was a black with untouched powder right below one of the lifts but as with all the other blacks it was roped off. What to do: Follow the rules toward a mundane existence or break them risking the consequences but reaping the rewards?

As you can probably guess, we ducked the ropes and began ripping the best snow of the day! Ski patrollers yelled at us from the lift but we took solace in the praises coming from the skiers and boarders who thanked us for opening up the floodgates. As we rode the lift back up about 25 people had followed suit!

Greediness doesn’t pay off though as we took a second run only to run into the red jackets and get our passes clipped….only half way, the next infraction would lead to the boot.

Fitting for a resort that didn’t quite live up to our expectations.

If you go: Try the Bugaboos Bakery Café. Solid.

Brandon Groza Contributor

What are your new year’s resolutions?

Over the last week Julie and I have had several conversations about our new year’s resolutions. We broke them down by these categories.

– Spiritual
– Family
– Health/training
– Friendships
– Work
– Fun

I’ve listed out each of my goals in my journal and plan on checking in on them pretty regularly. Below are a few of my health/training goals for January.

January 2008:
– No soda for 31 days (diet or regular)
– Lose 1 pound each week. My goal weight on February 2, 2008 is 185 pounds.
– Work out 5 days a week for a total of 15 hour or more.

There’s no better time than the new year to start fresh with excitement for things that we want to accomplish. If you can take 30 minutes at Starbuck’s sometime this week I would recommend thinking through what you want to focus on in 2008. I know that one of Dave’s goals in 08 is not being afraid of girls.

Andy B

The 50 Mile Ride 2007 wrap-up

My friend Doug Grant and event co-founder of the 50 Mile Ride summed up the day very nicely with his email to all of the particaipants below. The day was incredible! Make sure to click on the photo link below. Scott Kennedy and his team took AMAZING shots.

Andy B

Hi gang!

On behalf of our 50 Mile Ride for Project Rwanda organizing team, I want to thank you for making this year’s event really special. Because of your participation and support, we raised over $32,000 for Project Rwanda this year! And we had almost 100 more riders than last year – we had 343 fun-loving people out enjoying the ride.

We heard lots of great comments about the ride and about the new route. The fires and rains changed our plans a few times this year – so it was encouraging to hear that we may have put together a winner. Many thanks to Roger Toubeaux and Mark Nichols and the rest of our route planning team for all their hard work. And a great big thank you to Andy Brazelton and his terrific team of volunteers. They did an awesome job of feeding and encouraging our riders all along the route. Thank you, volunteers!!! You’re the best!

I want to give a HUGE thank you to all of our event sponsors this year. Over $10,000 in raffle prizes – including our grand prize Ellsworth Ride bike from Ellsworth and Mazda USA – plus tons of other prizes from every one of our local bike shops and bike industry companies. What a generous group! PLUS we received a ton of support from sponsors such as Arrowhead Water, Bonk Breaker, Motor Tabs, Squirt Lube, Panda Express, Geoladders, Sho-Air, and Dr Julie Malley of Trabuco Hills Chiropractic – who all contributed to our success. Thank you also to Cooks Corner, our event hosts, for helping us all to feel welcome and for contributing BBQ proceeds to our cause. And a great big thank you to Mark Malatesta and Hoss Technical Gear for donating all of our cool event tee-shirts – we will wear them with pride this year! Thank you Dave Sheek and Chris Miller and Mark Jacobsen for rallying such terrific sponsor support for our event.

Special thanks also to Chris Vargas and Joe Lopez of the Warriors Society, for donating their time, their talents, and their resources to contribute to the success of our event. Their “behind the scenes” efforts in radio and logistics support helped our event run safely and smoothly.

We had Scott Kennedy Photoworks out at our event all day, and they took some great shots. Please check out their web site today, you’ll see yourself in living color (photos are organized by your bike number plate sequence). Scott is donating a portion of his proceeds back to Project Rwanda – so order some keepsake photos today!

We’re hoping to do this event again – there’s a lot of people that would like to see our 50 Mile Ride become an annual event. If you’d like to help us plan or volunteer for next year’s ride – please send me an email. We WELCOME all the volunteers and support we can get. Please also reply and let me know if you have any other suggestions or feedback. We’re new at this event planning stuff – and we want to get better at it every year.

Thanks again for all that you did to make our event successful. Have a safe and sane New Year, and we’ll see you on the trails!

Doug Grant

We’re back in business


I have to apologize for the lack of posting lately. With the holidays, 50 Mile Ride and my computer being out of commission for a few days it’s good to be back and sarcastic as ever.

Thanks for your support of the blog going into 08. Please make sure to click on our sponsor banners and recommend sites! Your support of our sponosors is what allows us to keep this thing going.

Happy new year!

Andy B


Check out the outside temp this morning on my way to swim practice.
So cold!

Solid work out this morning with lot’s of peeps in the water. Dave and I are meeting at 9:30 this morning to ride Irvine Park. Right now I’m waiting at Starbuck’s for Doug Grant to talk last minute details for the 50 Mile Ride.

Andy B

Climbing: Get Stronger!

As winter sets in it’s difficult to get outside to climb but the gym provides warmth, challenge, comraderie, and tendon busting intensity. Here are a couple workouts that are fun and also beneficial to things like power and strength endurance.

Add On. This is a great game to play with three to six people. The first person hops on the wall using one hand hold and any feet and makes a move in any direction holding the hold he moved to for two seconds. The next makes that move and adds one of his own reaching his hold a holding it for two seconds as well (to show he has the ability to move off of that hold).

This pattern continues with only one rule: if you fall at anytime, you are still in but have lost the right to add moves to the end of the climb. Works best with traverses.

Burnout. Pick a couple partners (the more the merrier as you’ll be able to rest longer – but not too many as you actually want to get something out of it!) and a short climb, two grades below your max onsight. Climb the problem as smoothly as possible until your partners decide your effort wasn’t clean enough or you fall, and then you are out. Variation: 4Xs – pick the same climb and climb it four times. Focus on smooth purposeful movements.

Up Downs. Pick a climb well within your range and climb it from start to finish to start. Stay in control the whole time avoiding “falling” onto holds on the way back down. Move “statically”.

Remember to drink plenty of water, warm up properly and take full advantage of rest. More climbers injure themselves at the gym than anywhere else.

Brandon Climbing

Brandon Groza Contributor

Break through morning in the pool

I didn’t want to wake up this morning. My bed was warm, my eyes were still tired and the wind was howling. My bed just sounded better. But, I got up and was in the water by 6 am. I began the work out with 6 laps on the pull buoy and transitioned to the kick board and fins for a few form building laps. From there 12 laps, back to the kick board. Then 14 laps, back to the kick board and some pull buoy laps. Finished off with 20 laps (.25 miles). The big moment for me this morning came with my breathing. I didn’t feel spazzy and jerky but instead smooth. All of my laps were slow to focus on form.

Thanks to Alison and Alex for my new kick board. It floated a fat man well.

I love coffee after swimming!

Andy B

Petition for Equal Prize Money

A friend sent this email from Georgia Gould, US National Mountain Bike Champion (Team Luna Bar) as she is expressing her concern for equality in sports (Cycling) with her petition:

“Hi Everyone-
Please sign my petition for equal prize money for the top-5 men and women in UCI races. Thanks, and spread the word!”

Link to the petition:

I have heard and read a lot of conversations about equal prize money for women before but in the worlds of Surfing and Snowboarding. The bummer is it is always a controversial topic. Competitors or event promoters (men generally) remark with comments such as, Women generally have less competitors at a competition… I specifically remember reading one article with a professional snowboarder who said, “When they can go as big as the guys they can have the same…”

This is an interesting conflict so I have attached the link to the petition for those who want to get involved or if you are interested in reading a recent interview with Georgia and Velo News click the link.

Velo News: Pay Day: A conversation with Georgia Gould
Don’t hate me. I still can’t go as big as the women…