1. Super fun New Year’s Eve

    31. December 2007 75 words < 1 minute read

    Julie, Carter and I spent the night at the Rancho Santa Margarita Community Center at their outdoor New Year’s Eve party. Julie and I followed Carter as he walked, painted, danced, coughed, ate Italian shaved ice, played with Luke and walked some more. The highlight of the night was the BMX demo. Carter loved watching …

  2. Silverstar Liars and Pass Pulling

    31. December 2007 209 words ~2 minutes read

    They claimed a 127cm base (50’’)….and as my ski bases will tell you, “NOT A CHANCE!” Rocks everywhere, grass and other shrubbery poking up all over the place. The irony is that the runs with good coverage and fun terrain were all CLOSED! In fact there was a black with untouched powder right below one …

  3. What are your new year’s resolutions?

    31. December 2007 164 words ~2 minutes read

    Over the last week Julie and I have had several conversations about our new year’s resolutions. We broke them down by these categories. – Spiritual – Family – Health/training – Friendships – Work – Fun I’ve listed out each of my goals in my journal and plan on checking in on them pretty regularly. Below …

  4. The 50 Mile Ride 2007 wrap-up

    31. December 2007 627 words ~4 minutes read

    My friend Doug Grant and event co-founder of the 50 Mile Ride summed up the day very nicely with his email to all of the particaipants below. The day was incredible! Make sure to click on the photo link below. Scott Kennedy and his team took AMAZING shots. Andy B outsideallday.com —————– Hi gang! On …

  5. We’re back in business

    31. December 2007 78 words < 1 minute read

    Friends, I have to apologize for the lack of posting lately. With the holidays, 50 Mile Ride and my computer being out of commission for a few days it’s good to be back and sarcastic as ever. Thanks for your support of the blog going into 08. Please make sure to click on our sponsor …

  6. Brrrrrrrrrr!

    26. December 2007 100 words ~2 minutes read

    Check Para ser capaz de hacer la diferencia entre casino online jugadores que se presentan en diferentes colores. out the outside temp this morning on my way to swim practice. Solid work out this morning with lot’s of Le fonctionnement d’un casino en ligne est simple. peeps in the water. Dave and I are meeting …

  7. Climbing: Get Stronger!

    22. December 2007 305 words ~2 minutes read

    As winter sets in it’s difficult to get outside to climb but the gym provides warmth, challenge, comraderie, and tendon busting intensity. Here are a couple workouts that are fun and also beneficial to things like power and strength endurance. Add On. This is a great game to play with three to six people. The …

  8. Break through morning in the pool

    21. December 2007 154 words ~2 minutes read

    I didn’t want to wake up this morning. My bed was warm, my eyes were still tired and the wind was howling. My bed just sounded better. But, I got up and was in the water by 6 am. I began the work out with 6 laps on the pull buoy and transitioned to the …

  9. I got the Christmas party food blues

    21. December 2007 111 words < 1 minute read

    My biggest hold ups are not commitment to training, skill, fear of pain or time management. Although, each of those are valid reasons to be a slacker. My most significant hold up is food, good food, bad good, coffee, Vitamin Water, Diet Pepsi, over eating, too many meals, nice steak dinners, Golden Spoon, In In …

  10. My new trail running light

    20. December 2007 65 words ~2 minutes read

    I received a gift card for Christmas and picked up this light last night. I’m looking forward to giving it a try out tonight! Petzl Tactikka Plus LED Headlamp Andy B outsideallday.com

  11. Was it a hemorrhoid or a #2?

    19. December 2007 576 words ~4 minutes read

    On Sunday Dave and I ventured into Holy Jim canyon to ride Holy Jim trail. We started from my house at 7:30 am and I expected to return by 11 am or so. Little did I know that Dave was taking me on a 26 mile epic journey into the pit of hell. It didn’t …

  12. Southern California Cyclocross Racers at the US Nationals of Cyclocross

    15. December 2007 75 words < 1 minute read

    Look at our So Cal Cyclocross Event Coverage Section for the latest reports and results I am receiving daily as these fair weathered racers are out battling the cold, ice, and storms of Kansas City, Kansas for the US Nationals of Cyclocross. Tonight they are expecting to receive 3-6inches of snow and racing begins again …

  13. It’s better when it tastes good

    14. December 2007 112 words ~2 minutes read

    Gatorade tastes better than water and Bonk Breaker tastes better than EVERY other energy bar on the market! If you haven’t tried one of these little PB&J bars yet now in the time. They are donating like 1,000 bars to the 50 Mile Ride. I can’t wait for 50 Mile Ride, riders to fall in …

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