Riding your bike at 6am…is fun right?

My buddy Matt Smart came down from Manhattan Beach to ride Whiting Ranch this morning. To miss the traffic he left his house at 5 am to meet me by 6am. I’m not a huge fan of getting up in the 5 am hour but in the last 6 weeks I have been meeting that hour more frequently.

The ride was fun and it was nice to remember the cool temps of the morning that are on their way back with the fall coming.

I’m now at Starbuck’s returning email and sipping my mocha. It’s a good Friday with a sushi lunch on the calendar for some office birthday’s.

Andy B

Say, Yummy Little PB&J Bars!

Check out the products from our supporter Bonk Breakers energy bars. These little peanut butter and jelly bars are delightful.
Dean lovin’ his bar after 20+ miles of riding
If you need any other convincing that they’re good look on the cover of this months Triathlete Magazine. And a little heads up for the future they have a new peanut butter and chocolate-chip bar that is perfectly sweet. The bar is so good that when I see one, I feel like a cast member on Survivor that has not eaten in three days and I must do whatever it takes to eat the bar!

Eat One!

The Sheek Shoe of the Month- September

Zappos.com has all types of shoes and since I am addicted to finding the perfect pair, for every type of event, day, or night. I spend a little time each month searching for new pairs.

Since it is so damn hot this month I decided to go with something simple that I could be worn with shorts and preferably no socks so they get a little stinky.

Converse – Chuck Taylor All Star Plaid Slip-On (Grey/Plaid) – Men’s

Converse - Chuck Taylor  All Star  Plaid Slip-On (Grey/Plaid) - Men's

This pair is gray but they come in other colors too. Check out the Chucks or just check out Zappos.

Shoe Addict

After 24 Hours of Racing I Wouldn’t Even Talk…

After 24 Hours of racing I wouldn’t even talk to people because I would be so drained or almost dead. However, the coolest mountain biker I have ever met, Tinker Juarez, took the time this past weekend to say hello. The most astonishing part to Tinker saying hello, was not just his politeness after racing for 24 hours, but he stopped an interview to look up and wave as I asked to take the picture of the race winner and then he thanked me for stopping by his teams pit area to get the picture.

Tinker Juarez is the greatest! He proved it this weekend as he became the 24 Hours of Adrenalin World Champion.

Look for more on the 24 Hours of Adrenalin Worlds soon on the event coverage page!

Great Event

Two 3rd places in one day

Today, Labor Day 2007, Julie and I ran in the Rancho Santa Margarita 5k. This next statement will peg me as a true old man dad. It was fun to be involved with a community event. Over 1,300 people raced and thousands more were out checking out the booths, eating pancakes and getting sunburned. Julie and I even had our dogs with us as we walked around the booths pushing Carter in the stroller. We are the oldest young couple ever!

Julie ran the race in 22:53, putting her 97th overall and 3rd in her age group of 25 – 29. I ran the race is 22:36, putting me 90th overall and 3rd in my age group of 25 – 29.

What the heck, 2 Brazel’s going big on one day?! We were both totally shocked…

Labor Day Weekend 2007 was a much needed low maintenance weekend,

Andy B